How to Make a Swedish Torch

Here’s a very simple way to create a fire from a single log perfect for cooking, or just long-lasting warmth.

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Song: The Decemberists – Sporting Life

Shot with:
Camera: Canon T2i (550D)
Lens: Canon 50mm 1.4
Mic: Azden SMX-10
Firmware: Magic Lantern
Note: The noise you hear in the background when I’m talking is because I didn’t properly set the volume gain in Magic Lantern. Hopefully I’ll get it right by my next video.

The 12 Days of Forest School

A special festive message for Christmas from us and the kids at our after-school club in the woods. We've taken the classic Christmas carol '12 Days' and given it our own forest school twist. Sing along!

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Pokeman GO Everyone is playing

Older couple Play Pokeman go
We take the pugs to downtown Belton for a PokeMan Go hunt. Walked the trail at Yeti Polk Park. Old and young Trying to figure out what the Craze is all about. Try are luck at downtown Belton and the Gin on the creek. Fined lots of PokeMan player eat some Yogurt at the Creekside Way station Yogurt Shop and had a great time.

Is Rio Safe? Safety Advice for Visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Heading to Rio and Wondering If It Is Safe? Well it is not the safest place in the world, but it is not as bad as the the news makes it sound. Here are some tips for staying safe while visiting and traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

Biking to Fairy-Tale Castles and Thermal Spas in Bavaria

The sun is setting on the foothills of the Alps. Overseeing vast meadows with tiny lanes and lazy cows is the fairy-tale castle of “Mad” King Ludwig of Bavaria (Neuschwanstein). Having borrowed a bike from my hotel, I just soaked my imagination in that Romantic king’s fantasy-come-true…and then soaked my body in a classic German spa (the Königliche Kristall-Therme) that enjoys a poolside view as grand as Ludwig’s — or even better, considering it includes his inspiring castle. Biking through the fields, relaxed as Gumby and reviewing the memories of the day, I savor that moment when the setting sun warms up all the colors and the newly cut hay fills the air with a sweet and fertile humidity. Coasting home into my village, it occurs to me that the Alps — which arc from Vienna to Marseilles — are a symphony of experiences that can endlessly delight lovers of culture, history, and nature. They certainly have for me.