Tree Identification: How To Identify Ash in Winter

Learn how to confidently identify the Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) in the depths of winter.
Seriously boost your tree identification skills with this video course. Presented by James Kendall, Lead Bushcraft Instructor & Social Forester at Woodland Classroom Ltd.

In winter, there are of course no leaves on the trees. So, I show you how to identify species by using the twigs, buds, bark, what's under the tree, shape & form and other key features. You'll never look at a tree the same way again!

This video is a preview of our much more comprehensive Tree ID video course series which will cover around 50 species of native and common tree species in the United Kingdom. This online course is COMING SOON. If you would like to know more about this video course series and the release of future videos, leave a comment here or get in touch with us direct at

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Top 5 Books: Outdoor Activities for Kids

I list my Top 5 books which parents can use to get their kids learning outdoors, doing some great activities. These books are perfect for any family who is homeschooling, parents who want their kids to get outdoors more, and families whose kids love being outside and want to take things to the next level.
Parents ask us a lot where they can get ideas for themselves to inspire their kids to get outdoors more. I work as a Forest School Leader and Outdoor Educator so these books come tried and tested.

If you like these books, or you love an outdoor activity book which is not listed here then tell us about the book in the comments section below.

Thanks for watching!

Get FREE outdoor learning resources for kids, from us at:


1. The Stick Book by Fiona Danks & Jo Schofield:
2. 101 Things To Do Outside with Kids by Dan Isaac:
3. FSC Identification Charts:
4. Cook Wild by Susanne Fischer-Rizzi:
5. Forest School Adventure by Naomi Walmsley & Dan Westall:

Tree Tools For Schools:

Boost Your Immune System with Wild Plants

I show you 6 common edible wild plants you can add to your diet which will boost your immune system and improve your health. I also suggest several ways to use these plants in food.
I look at cleavers, jack by the hedge, nettles, wood sorrel, dandelion and wild garlic. These are all common plants, often considered weeds, in the the UK. Wild foods are so good for our overall health and whilst we're foraging we are also outdoors getting exercise, fresh air and sunshine on our faces.

Woodland Classroom host courses in foraging, wellbeing in the woods, mindfulness in nature and bushcraft in North Wales. If you would like to know more, go to:

Note: Always have the permission of the landowner if you want to forage and ensure you have a good wildflower ID guide (or two) with you so you can make a a positive and safe identification of the plant.

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Mindfulness in Nature: Techniques for Summer

I give you 9 techniques that you can do yourself to practise mindfulness whilst out enjoying a walk in nature.

In this video I take a walk through the Welsh countryside in summer. Some of the techniques here are best practised in warmer weather, but mindfulness in nature can be practised whatever time of year.

Presented by Counsellor, Life Coach and Mindfulness in the Woods Practitioner, Lea Kendall from Woodland Classroom Ltd.

To find out more about my Wellbeing in the Woods events, courses and my other work just go to:

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