Halloween Costumes and Destinations

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Excited for Halloween? You know Sonia is! Sonia gives you a mini history lesson on the origins of Halloween and ends in true Sonia's travels' fashion with some great destination and costume tips.

10 Best Halloween Vacation Spots

8 Ghost Towns worth a visit:

Americas Coolest Ghost Towns:

31 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes and Destinations”

  1. It’s actually Père Lachaise, not Peré Lachaise! Your videos are amazing, keep up the good work.

  2. I live in Playa del Carmen, MX and Halloween is THE biggest and rowdiest night of the Year….the later it gets the crazier the costumes….usually goes all night and ends with breakfast and the sunrise over the Caribbean…..come see us!

    1. I just got back a few days ago from spending a week in Playa del Carmen. Absolutely beautiful!! Wonderful, wonderful place

  3. Is that ribbon on your wrist a Fita do Bonfim from when you where in Brazil? I hope your wish comes true

  4. I’ll be shutting up the house and turning off all the lights tonight to make it look like nobody is home, now that this US tradition has taken off here in Australia. I can’t buy candy as you guys in the states call it cause I have no willpower and end up eating it all myself.

    1. I TOTALLY understaaaand.. I have a full jar of chocolates waiting for me at home- so so so tempting

  5. Greetings from Romania! I hope you’ll come visit us sometimes and maybe make a video about our beautiful country. I love your vlog and you are just lovely! Keep up the good work!

  6. We took our costumes for our cruise. Luggage held 4 costumes and worth it because Southwest Airlines didn’t charge for the baggage. I probably would have not packed otherwise! We had a blast as the cruise held a great costume party!!!

  7. You mean the U.K.? I mean listing all those Home Nations was unnecessary, it should have gone like this: ” U.S.A., Canada [and the U.K.]”

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