Identifying Trees in Winter (online workshop)

Discover how to identify trees in winter using buds, bark, leaf litter, tree form and other features. This workshop is perfect for anyone who struggles to identify the trees around them. Learn 3 key hacks to help you name any tree, unlock tips for identifying tree species from a distance and find out where you can get a whole lot more free resources to take your tree learning further.

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Whether you work with trees, in outdoor education or you simply have a keen interest to know more, there's something for you here. This workshop is led by James Kendall, bushcraft tutor and woodland manager at Woodland Classroom.

This workshop is a great introduction to the subject of identifying trees in the season of winter. It was also great to see this event being so popular with over 500 people in attendance.

Trees covered in this workshop include; hawthorn, blackthorn, ash, beech, alder, field maple, oaks, elder, elm, larch, birch and more.

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