Mindfulness in Nature: Techniques for Summer

I give you 9 techniques that you can do yourself to practise mindfulness whilst out enjoying a walk in nature.

In this video I take a walk through the Welsh countryside in summer. Some of the techniques here are best practised in warmer weather, but mindfulness in nature can be practised whatever time of year.

Presented by Counsellor, Life Coach and Mindfulness in the Woods Practitioner, Lea Kendall from Woodland Classroom Ltd.

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4 thoughts on “Mindfulness in Nature: Techniques for Summer”

  1. Simple and practical. Great for relieving stress and anxiety. Breathing in all the rich oxygenated air! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Seems like a good time to be sharing this sort of thing. People should not be locked up in theri houses but rather outside getting sunshine, boosting their immune systems.

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