Product Review: Sunglasses, Soles and Smart Apps

Cracking the Secret Code of Travel every Thursday.

Sonia Gil gives you a little taste of some of the free and interesting things she receives every month. This month she shares how to make your travel shoes more comfortable and keep the sun out of your eyes in style.

SuperFeet Insoles:
Green Insole:
Blue Insole:
Spenco Insoles:
Spenco RX Full Arch Cushion Insole:
Glasses from

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22 thoughts on “Product Review: Sunglasses, Soles and Smart Apps”

    1. +7thArrowofGod
      yes, i know and i actually think it’s ok, it was just something i noticed. she still brings across a ton of knowledge while doing it. that’s why i am subscribed and love the videos. i’m just glad i’m reserved enough to not run out and buy everything i see on youtube ;o)

  1. hey sonia! can you please make a video about couchsurfing? i’m quite interested in that in case you ever tried it!!

  2. Thank you so much! I am a short, heavy person, so I’m always agonizing over travel shoes. I went to S. Korea last year and there was sooo much walking and climbing up and down stairs… This year, I vowed to be more prepared. I think I’ll try this route. Thanks Sonia!

  3. Sonia, could you please do an episode if its feasible to fly around the world on low cost airlines? Keep up the excellent work! I love your channel!

  4. Sonia, will you do a video on packing everything you would need on a say 10 day trip abroad? I’m going to Italy without my parents and I’m extremely nervous that I will pack too much/too little. I’m also afraid that all the stuff I have to buy will be too expensive. HELP!!!!!!!

  5. Can you do a video of apps to get that don’t require 3G or wifi to use so you’re entertained on the plane? Pleaasseeeeee?

  6. Thanks for tips! BTW have you uploaded any videos that will offer tips on what luggage to take on a round the world trip?

  7. Thanks for tips! BTW have you uploaded any videos that will offer tips on what luggage to take on a round the world trip?

  8. Sonia ,can u make a video about getting ur period while travelling and having ur period on a really long flight? I am going to Europe this summer ,but I am 100% sure that I’m gonna get my period there so I really wish that u could tell me some tips maybe ?Please reply …

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