Travel Tips: Bear Grylls and Alexander Von Humboldt are related?

I actually tell the story of my favorite traveler of all time, Alexander von Humboldt. His adventures have always been a source of inspiration, perhaps because I went to college to study plant genetics but that's actually another story. Please remember to subscribe and tell me who your favorite traveler is, right below.

Here is Bear Grylls:

20 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Bear Grylls and Alexander Von Humboldt are related?”

  1. I like so many travelers! I couldn’t pick! I used to contribute to an indie zine in the US where people would just type up descriptions of cool stuff to see in their nabes! I lived in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, NY USA then and of course contributed! People didn’t have PCs or the ‘net then so these little zines were passed around and sold in some bookstores.

  2. You didn’t post the link to Bear … Google, help !!

    My favorite traveler is … the unknown traveler, the one nobody knows about, the one that simply has to go … gotta go … bye … 🙂

  3. I bet Stud von Humboldt was smitten with Tatu’s GrandTatu. Just got back from Japan—fabulously unique on the planet–in botanical terms, a thriving monoculture. But oh what a fabulous culture .

  4. I think it’s cool that you let your whole head in the shot, most other girl youtubers don’t get their whole head in the shot because they pan their camera slightly lower to show something else. if you know what i mean. awesome video sonia, wo hen xihuan

  5. Bear Grylls is would definitely be a fascinating travel partner. But having to get fluids like this would be … yuck… watch?v=R25Eflr0oJ8

  6. Dont get me wrong Sonia, I LOVE your idea of Safari on Horseback but I would think that the horse is just as good as any other game out there for predators to munch at.

  7. “I would gladly be lost in a jungle with this guy. I’m sure he’ll take me to the right places” LOL qué chinazo!! Cuestión aparte, excelente la manera en que hablas y manejas la información. Felicitaciones!

  8. Your accentuation for the name “Alexander von Humboldt” is a bit off. Sorry, but its true !!

  9. A little late, but just found your channel…definitely Gudrid Thorbjarnardóttir. She traveled the world while having children and burying husbands. And retired as a ‘wise woman.”

  10. My favorite traveler is Sonia Gil. I would love to be lost in a jungle with her, and nobody would need to find a way out. 😉

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