Why Kids LOVE Forest School & Outdoor Play

Children tell us in their own words why they love playing outside in nature at their Forest School club.
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7 thoughts on “Why Kids LOVE Forest School & Outdoor Play”

  1. Thanks for watching, as always 🙂 If you enjoyed this video and the insights from the children, please share this with others. We always love to hear about other outdoor play projects and great ideas for getting kids outdoors. If you have an idea, why not let us know in the comments below.
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    1. +Julie westmore Thanks Julie, we hope it spreads the word of how important it is that children get time to play outdoors and learn about the natural world.

  2. What a great video! We don’t have a forest school where we live. But we spend a lot of time in nature with our kids and we’ve just started a youtube channel about Nature play. We hope it will inspire kids and parents to get out into nature. We notice the difference nature play makes for our sons. I’ve liked and subscribed your video and hopefully we can collaborate to get more views.

    1. Hello. Good to “meet” you. Yes collaborating sounds good, we’ve got plenty of videos in the pipeline waiting to be finished and it’s always good to work with like minds. I’ll check out some of your vidoes now. Great to hear you’re taking your own action to get your children outdoors – why wait for a forest school to come to you 🙂

    2. Hi, very nice to meet you too! Very nice to hear you’d like to collaborate 🙂 I am still researching and learning a lot about how youtube works; how to collaborate with channels with the same message. Things about finding your audience, getting involved in the community etc. I’d love your videos to come up in my ‘related videos’ on the side and for our videos to come up in yours. My goal is to get kids to watch our videos instead of just videos of kids playing with toys. I hope there’s an audience out there that’s interested. I’m very passionale about this as it’s so very important for kids to play in nature.

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