How to Identify Oak Trees: An Easy Way to Tell Our 2 Native Species Apart.

Our two native oak tree species can look pretty similar at first glance. Here, I how you my easy and memorable method to distinguish between the Pedunculate Oak and the Sessile Oak. This works great with kids but adults can use it too. Believe it or not, this method involves pixies 🙂

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Halloween Costumes and Destinations

Cracking the Secret Code of Travel every Thursday.

Excited for Halloween? You know Sonia is! Sonia gives you a mini history lesson on the origins of Halloween and ends in true Sonia's travels' fashion with some great destination and costume tips.

10 Best Halloween Vacation Spots

8 Ghost Towns worth a visit:

Americas Coolest Ghost Towns:

Product Review: Sunglasses, Soles and Smart Apps

Cracking the Secret Code of Travel every Thursday.

Sonia Gil gives you a little taste of some of the free and interesting things she receives every month. This month she shares how to make your travel shoes more comfortable and keep the sun out of your eyes in style.

SuperFeet Insoles:
Green Insole:
Blue Insole:
Spenco Insoles:
Spenco RX Full Arch Cushion Insole:
Glasses from

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Travel Tips: Bear Grylls and Alexander Von Humboldt are related?

I actually tell the story of my favorite traveler of all time, Alexander von Humboldt. His adventures have always been a source of inspiration, perhaps because I went to college to study plant genetics but that's actually another story. Please remember to subscribe and tell me who your favorite traveler is, right below.

Here is Bear Grylls:

What is Forest School

This short video answers the question "what is forest school" and gives an introduction to the subject, by forest school leaders and also the children who attend and why they love it.
It is a useful resource for teachers, or parents looking for ideas for children's activities outdoors.
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