About Gpstravel

Gpstravel.eu trademark is about adventures using new technologies in the European style. Technology opens so many opportunities for self-localization, mixed realities, and information sharing. It all leads to great adventures.

EE_Viljar_v“Entertainment has moved to personal devices like smartphones and tablets. Young people need the technologies to be connected with outside activities in order to stay fit and healthy. This is the way to get them back outside,” says Viljar, the Manager of gpstravel.eu.

GPSTravel Stainless Steel Tool Card

A new product, Stainless Steel Tool Card, is launched by gpstravel.eu last year. It is a credit card size multitool made of strong stainless steel.

It comprises many useful tools to carry with you:tool-card_L
• Can opener
• Cutter
• Screwdriver
• Ruler
• Cap opener
• 4-position wrench (for various-sized nuts and bolt heads)
• Saw blade
• Direction ancillary indications
• 2-position wrench
• Lanyard hold (key chain hold)

“This product has already received a lot of positive feedback from the customers. It is fun, easy to carry along, and always there when you need it. The set of tools has been developed such that it will become handy three to five times a week,” says Viljar, the Manager of gpstravel.eu.

The product is only sold through the Amazon store in the US: