Whispers from the Wood, Ep 4: Animal Tracks & Signs

James is out walking in a conifer forest today and he's found some interesting clues to animal activity. This is a good opportunity to examine animal tracks & signs, as we uncover what has been feeding on the spruce cones. Also you can learn abut how to identify the Sitka Spruce tree, one of our most common forestry trees in the UK.

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James & Lea

How To Forage Spruce & Use It (5 Tasty Recipes)

Spruce is a little talked about wild food, but it's great stuff! I show you how to forage yummy foods from Spruce trees. You will learn to make 5 tasty recipes using spruce tips. Spruce makes a refreshing and zesty ingredient and it's so good for your health. I show you ways to prepare and preserve this wild food so you can enjoy it year round.

Wild foods are so good for our overall health and whilst we're foraging we are also outdoors getting exercise, fresh air and sunshine on our faces.

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Note: Always have the permission of the landowner if you want to forage and ensure you have a good field guide (or two) with you so you can make a a positive and safe identification of the plant.

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