Whispers from the Wood, Ep 5: Make Your Own Medicine

Lea makes her own cough syrup using wild medicinal plants, which is easy to make yourself. With just a few ingredients you can help keep coughs and cold at bay. Leas uses nettle, spruce and plantain mixed with brandy and honey.

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James & Lea

Boost Your Immune System with Wild Plants

I show you 6 common edible wild plants you can add to your diet which will boost your immune system and improve your health. I also suggest several ways to use these plants in food.
I look at cleavers, jack by the hedge, nettles, wood sorrel, dandelion and wild garlic. These are all common plants, often considered weeds, in the the UK. Wild foods are so good for our overall health and whilst we're foraging we are also outdoors getting exercise, fresh air and sunshine on our faces.

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Note: Always have the permission of the landowner if you want to forage and ensure you have a good wildflower ID guide (or two) with you so you can make a a positive and safe identification of the plant.

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Food Festival Workshop: Wild Cooking & Foraging

We hosted an interactive workshop and demonstration of wild food, foraging and outdoor cooking at Newtown Food Festival. The workshop was open to all ages to have a go for themselves. We cooked; hazel choc cakes, popcorn, toffee apple slices, wild teas, damper bread, smoked fish, hedgerow crumble and baked a loaf of bread in a dutch oven. Everyone had a great time. Also, Lea ran several demonstrations of how to make natural remedies from wild plants found around the site, using weeds for medicine.
We loved doing this workshop and we're available for other Food Festivals or events that would like to book our workshop and demo. Please get in touch.
email: hey@woodlandclassroom.com tel: 07876 794 098
Thanks to Newtown Food Festival for hosting us the past 2 years, we look forward to seeing you again.

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We also host courses in Foraging and Wild Food out in the woods. If you would like to know more, just go to:

Forgaing & Cooking with Wild Garlic

I forage for wild spring greens including nettles, wild garlic and cleavers to cook up a tasty and healthy risotto dish. I show you how to identify these plants in the woodland and give you information on the health benefits of eating wild greens.