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How to survive in the wilderness – camping in winter.

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You might be an excperienced camper and know how to camp, but camping in winter is different then your usual camping in summer. Winter in Estonia could be mild or pretty harsh. Whatever the case, there are some things you might want to pay attention to if you plan to do some winter camping,

For camping in snow, pick a spot that’s sheltered from the wind and free of avalanche danger. Then prep your tent site by packing down the snow. The main concern outdoors is where to get dry firewood. Everything on the ground might be wet from rain or snow, so the best option ist o fall a dead tree. It is offcourse not completly dry, but it should be more dry than everything on the ground.

One of the most important things you should know for camping in cold whether conditions is to know, how to make a fire. You can bring with you your usual fire lighters, but a firesteel works under almost any conditions and has a long life span. If you got the technigue down how to start a fire with a fire steel, magnesium or ferrocerium stick or whatever you might call the firestarter, then lighting a fire is really easy.

Stay hydrated and eat lots of calories: Proper nutrition and hydration will help you stay warm. Make hot, nutritious breakfasts and dinners and enjoy quick snacks and lunches. Be sure to hydrate throughout the day. If you did not bring any fresh water with you, you have to find water elsewhere. Thatswhy it is important to know, how to find water in winter.

The promise of hot coffee will make getting out of your sleeping bag a whole lot easier. All you need for "cowboy coffee" are grounds and hot water. Bring a pot of water to a boil, move it from the heat source, add one tablespoon of coffee per cup of water, and let it steep for 10 minutes. If you're feeling up to it, try the classic but riskier method of swinging the coffee pot in a windmill motion a few times to settle the grounds with centripetal force.

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Telkimine talvel lumega erineb oluliselt telkimisest suvel. Talvel vali laagriks selline koht, kus pole liiga palju alustaimestikku. Pigem pane telk kõrgemale kui madalamale, sest külm õhk koguneb lohkudesse. Ja proovi telk asetada võimalikult päikeselise koha peale.

Tõenäoliselt kõige lihtsam moodus talvel sobilikku lõkkematerjali hankida on võtta maha mõni kuivanud puu. See pole kindlasti päris kuiv, kuid see on kuivem kui kõik, mis on maas.

Tulepulk töötab praktiliselt iga ilmaga ning sellel on üsna pikk eluiga. Kui sa oled ära õppinud tehnika, kuidas tulepulgaga tuld teha, siis edaspidi on lõkkesüütamine sinu kätes käkitegu.

Vee leidmine talvel pole meie kliimavöötmes õnneks kuigi keeruline. Vee saamiseks talvel sulata lund. Kas lõkke kohal, pudeliga põues või mõnel muul moodusel. Vedelike tarbimine on oluline ka talvel, seega joo pidevalt piisavas koguses vett. Ja tee endale söögiks üks korralik kõutäis, sest külmades oludes tarbib keha rohkem energiat.

Ja tee endale sooja jooki. Teed või kohvi saab ka lõkkel teha. Vaja on ainult natuke leidlikust.

Kui sind huvitab, kuidas looduses hakkama saada ning muud üleelamisõpetused, pane pilk peale meie kanalile.

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