My Moment of Nature Connection

It shouldn't be hard to reconnect with nature. All we need to do is to start looking and listening. This video was made without planning, I just wanted to share what I had seen and heard with our audience to demonstrate how simple and accessible it is to reconnect with nature. Anyone can do it, everyone should do it. I encourage everyone to take time out of their busy lives to spend on their own, immersed in nature.

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Travel Dominican Republic: The Best Beach in the World

Cracking the Secret Code of Travel every Thursday.

Sonia Gil takes you on a ride to Playa Rincon in The Dominican Republic. Considered by many to be in the list of top 10 beaches in the world. See it for yourself with Sonia and find out where she ranks it.

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Product Review: Waterproof Backpack, FoolProof SPF, and Solar Chargers

Sonia Gil reviews all the products that might come in helpful before, during and after a trip.

Sonia Gil gives you a little taste of some of the best and interesting items she's used in her travels. This month she shares how to protect your skin and keep your things dry while at the beach. Need an emergency charger, Sonia's got you covered there too. She tops it all off with a couple of great audiobook recommendations.

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The Beach:

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Mindfulness in Nature: Using Animal Senses

I show how animals in the woods can inspire us to engage all our senses when experiencing the natural world through mindfulness. These are techniques you can use yourself whilst exploring the outdoors. Let's explore; owl eyes, deer ears, badger nose, squirrel fingers and adder tongue.

Presented by Counsellor, Life Coach and Mindfulness in the Woods Practitioner, Lea Kendall from Woodland Classroom.

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