Beautiful DIY Tiny House Build with Massive Custom Patio Door

We saw this DIY off grid tiny house on wheels by the side of the road on our way to PEI for a mini vacation (first one in a long time!). We fell in love with it and had to pull over to film a quick video about it.

We love the garage door wall in the living room that connects the indoor and outdoor spaces, and we love that it’s designed to be completely off-grid with stainless steel water and greywater tanks, a Sun-Mar composting toilet, and propane for heat and hot water. It’s ready to be hooked up to solar panels, too.

This tiny house is for sale in Port Joli, Quebec, Canada for $57,000 CAD (negotiable).

The micro cabin was built on a 3-axle trailer measuring 28 feet long by 8 1/2 feet wide, for a total of 238 square feet.

We had a great afternoon chatting with Jean and his wife Lucie on a beautiful sunny day and it was neat to see how many neighbours and passersby were curious about the tiny house.

They had originally planned to use it as an off-grid cottage but ended up buying a home with a river view instead, which is why they’re now selling the tiny house.

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Super Modern Off Grid Tiny House – Full Tour

Patrick and Thomas from the Rewild Homes Team built the Blue Heron tiny house to be completely off-grid with a Morso wood stove, 6 x 285 Watt solar panels, rainwater collection, and a Separett composting toilet.

The house is built on a 24 foot, 2 axle trailer, and it measures approximately 200 square feet.

The roof is gabled, which is a slightly more expensive design than a shed slope roof, but it allows for headroom on both sides of the sleeping loft.

Instead of a ladder, Rewild Homes has been getting lots of requests from their clients for stairs, so they’ve incorporated storage drawes, and they also used the space to store the large solar battery bank above the axles since the batteries weigh close to 1000 lbs.

The solar power system is very large for a tiny house, and they did this primarily because they wanted to run the refrigerator on solar power. They use propane to heat water and for the cooktop.

For ventilation, they have an industrial style ceiling fan to circulate heat and air, and they have a hood fan above the stove, and a vent in the bathroom to help keep humidity levels down.

The exterior of the home is cedar, which can withstand the damp British Columbia climate.

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Family of 3 Builds Tiny House to Avoid Crazy Rent Prices in California



Micah, Jana and their son Silas moved from Birmingham to San Francisco for a work opportunity but weren’t prepared to pay the high price tag to rent an apartment.

Instead, they contracted a tiny house building company to do the build. Their beautiful home was built by American Tiny House in Texas:

The house is 237 square feet (30 feet long by approx. 8 feet wide) and they currently have it parked on an RV pad in a residential backyard. They share the backyard with the family living in the big house so Silas has friends to play with and access to a playground.

Previously, they had the home parked in a parking lot in a smaller town but after a year the city wanted them to get an official permit but they didn’t want to complicate things for the landlord so they continued searching.

They say that living in a tiny house has brought them closer together as a family, although there are definitely some challenges to living in a tiny house with a toddler. They spend much more time outdoors in the yard or going on micro adventures and they’ve had to add railings to the lofts and a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs to keep their son safe.

They downsized all of their belongings before moving into the house so that they’d have a clean and tidy minimalist home.

For power they’ve got 2 solar panels in the yard, and they’re also hooked up to the main house with a 10-gauge extension cord. They’re hooked up to water with a hose, and they have a generator for the times when they need to power the air conditioning unit, or the combo washer dryer.

The Tiny House Family has epic vlogs on YouTube and inspiring photos on Instagram and we hope you’ll check them out and stay up to date on what they’re up to:

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PS thank you to Micah & Jana for filming all this beautiful footage since we couldn’t be in San Francisco ourselves 🙂


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