My Moment of Nature Connection

It shouldn't be hard to reconnect with nature. All we need to do is to start looking and listening. This video was made without planning, I just wanted to share what I had seen and heard with our audience to demonstrate how simple and accessible it is to reconnect with nature. Anyone can do it, everyone should do it. I encourage everyone to take time out of their busy lives to spend on their own, immersed in nature.

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Mindfulness in Nature: Using Animal Senses

I show how animals in the woods can inspire us to engage all our senses when experiencing the natural world through mindfulness. These are techniques you can use yourself whilst exploring the outdoors. Let's explore; owl eyes, deer ears, badger nose, squirrel fingers and adder tongue.

Presented by Counsellor, Life Coach and Mindfulness in the Woods Practitioner, Lea Kendall from Woodland Classroom.

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Forgaing & Cooking with Wild Garlic

I forage for wild spring greens including nettles, wild garlic and cleavers to cook up a tasty and healthy risotto dish. I show you how to identify these plants in the woodland and give you information on the health benefits of eating wild greens.

Making Winter Herbal Remedies: Yarrow & Plantain

Lea forages for natural hedgerow medicine plants, yarrow & plantain, to make her own herbal remedies. These plants are easy to find in the winter months. It’s amazing how many ailments are claimed to be cured by these common weeds.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this video is not intended to replace the professional advice and care of a qualified herbal or medical practitioner. Do not attempt to self-diagnose or self-prescribe for serious long-term problems without first consulting a qualified professional.

Mindfulness in Nature: A Walk in Winter

I give you 8 activities that you can do yourself to practise mindfulness whilst out enjoying a walk in nature.

In this video I take a walk through the countryside in winter after a heavy snowfall. You don’t need snow to practise mindfulness in the outdoors though, these techniques can be used at anytime of year, whatever the weather.

Presented by Counsellor, Life Coach and Mindfulness in the Woods Practitioner, Lea Kendall from Woodland Classroom.