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Boiling water in a paper cup – how to survive in the wilderness.

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Can you boil water in the wilderness without a kettle or pot, is a quite common question. The short answer is yes and knowing how, could save your life one day, because it is a survival water purification method.

Boiling is the rapid vaporization of a liquid, which occurs when a liquid is heated to its boiling point, the temperature at which the vapour pressure of the liquid is equal to the pressure exerted on the liquid by the surrounding atmosphere. The boiling point of water is 100 °C or 212 °F but is lower with the decreased atmospheric pressure found at higher altitudes.

Purifying water by boiling is as a method of killing microbes that may be present in the water. The sensitivity of different micro-organisms to heat varies, but if water is held at 70 °C (158 °F) for ten minutes, many organisms are killed, but some are more resistant to heat and require one minute at the boiling point of water.

Boiling water in a paper is simple. First you need a fire. If you have your fire large enough, you can move on to your survival water purification. Then you need a paper cup. Fill it up and out it into the fire. Wait until the water starts to boil. You see, boiling water over a campfire is pretty easy.

There are several methods for boiling water over a fire. You can try boiling water in a plastic bottle or a bag, over fire, in a paper cup or in a condom also. But keep in mind, that it is wise to use plastic bottles and bags for water boiling only in extreme situations, because it can be dangerous to your health. High temperature makes all sorts of chemicals leak out of the plastic which then dissolve into the water. If you want to stay on the safe side, use other methods for purifying water in the wild.

For other ways of how to boil water in the wild and other survival tricks, check out our channel.

Üleelamisõpetus, kuidas pabertopsis vett keeta. Vee keetmine pabertopsis ei erine oma olemuselt ükskõik millise vedeliku keetmisest ükskõik millises anumas. Põhimõte on sama – tuleb saavutada ja säilitada keemistemperatuur. Keemistemperatuurini jõudmiseks on vaja vedeliku temperatuur tõsta punktini, mil vedeliku aururõhk saab võrdseks välisrõhuga. Sellega kaasneb keemine, mis teisisõnu tähendab aine üleminekut vedelast olekust gaasilisse. Selle iseloomulikuks tunnuseks on vedeliku sees tekkivad küllastunud auru mullikesed, mis üha kasvades tõusevad pinnale ning paiskavad auru vedeliku kohal olevasse ruumi.

Tee tuli üles ning täida tops veega. Pane see lõkkesse ning oota, kuni see on keema läinud. Nii lihtne see ongi, aga pea meeles, et vedelikukindlad pabertopsid ei koosne ainult paberist, vaid neis on ka plastikut. Ja plastik on teatavasti inimese tervisele kahjulik, mistõttu pole otstarbekas sedasi vett kogu aeg keeta.

Kindel on aga see, et kriisiolukorras on parem valida võimalik surm kunagi kauges tulevikus plastiosakeste tõttu kui peatne surm dehüdratsiooni tõttu või reostunud vee tarbimisega tõenäoliselt kaasneva massiivse kõhulahtisuse tagajärjel. Nõus? Plastnõus!

Kui sind huvitab, kuidas lõkkel süüa teha ning teised üleelamisõpetused, jälgi meie kanalit.

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How To Identify Trees in Winter (Online Workshop 2 of 2)

If you struggle to identify trees in the countryside during winter, when the leaves are on the ground, then you'll learn so much in this online workshop. Discover how to identify trees in winter using buds, bark, leaf litter, tree form and other features. You will also find out where you can get a whole lot more free resources to take your tree learning further.

You can sign up to our FREE introductory Tree ID online course; Kickstart Your Tree ID Skills

If you missed my first session, you can watch that Winter Trees Workshop right here:

Whether you work with trees, in outdoor education or you simply have a keen interest to know more, there's something for you here. This workshop is led by James Kendall, bushcraft tutor and woodland manager at Woodland Classroom.

This workshop is a great introduction to the subject of identifying trees in the season of winter. It was also great to see this event being so popular with over 700 people in attendance.

Alder vs. Elder
3 Easy Winter Trees
Beech vs. Hornbeam
Trees in Focus: Ash
Recommended Books & Resources

Trees covered in this workshop include; alder, elder, hazel, larch, field maple, beech, hornbeam, ash and more.

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Foraging Winter Mushrooms: Velvet Shank

Discover this great winter wild food this winter, probably growing near you, perfect for foraging. Bushcraft instructor James Kendall shows you Velvet Shank (Flammulina velutipes) probably winter's best edible mushroom.

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Hüpassaare Study Trail / Hüpassaare õpperada – Estonian Nature

RMK Hüpassaare Study Trail – a good place to have a holyday in Estonia and enjoy your outdoors bushcraft survival activietes in Estoninan nature.

Nature in Estonia nature has plenty of untouched places. Three quarters of the territory is covered by forests and bogs. The natural diversity is emphasized by not four, but five seasons. Here you can almost become part of Estonian wildlife if you want to or just enjoy your estonianwayoflife.
But it you are not interested about wildlife in Estonia, you can find plenty of other things to do here. Like camping in Estonia. If your idea of a perfect holiday includes hiking in Estonia through national parks, exploring nature reserves and sleeping under the stars, then Estonia is definitely a destination for you.

The landscapes are welcoming, even for beginners and families, with a moderate climate and lack of poisonous animals. If you like to travel in Estonia, there are some impressive hiking trails to check out, the longest of which is 820 km, and stretches across the whole country. Along the way are campsites, some with wooden cabins free to use for resting your feet, making lunch or spending the night.

Hüpassaare Study Trail is situated on the edge of Soomaa Nature Reserve. The first part of the Hüpassaare study trail (~1 km) goes through drained peatland forest. The drained peatland forest has formed from a swamp as a result of drainage. Next, the ground starts to rise gradually, and you arrive at the edge of Kuresoo raised bog. Mires are wetlands in which plant remains are partly undegraded and deposited as peat. The wetland landscape of Kuresoo is varied. At the end of the trail there is the Mart Saar museum.

Estonia is the perfect place for a holiday. In all of the seasons, especially if you are a nature lover. For other bushcraft survival outdoors videos about wild Estonia check out our channel.

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Hüpasaare õpperada asub Soomaa veerel. Raja algusosa kulgeb umbes kilomeetri jagu läbi kõdusoometsa. Kõdusoomets on tekkinud soometsast kuivenduse tagajärjel. Edasi liikudes hakkab maapind tasapisi tõusma, olete jõudnud Kuresoo raba serva. Soo on liigniiske paik, kus osa taimejäänustest jääb lagunemata ja ladestub turbana. Soomaastik on Kuresoos mitmekesine. Õpperada möödub Mart Saare majamuuseumist.

Kui sind huvitavad RMK matkarajad, RMK lõkkekohad ja RMK matkateed, siis jälgi meie kanalit.

Raspberry Stem Tea / Vaarikavarre tee – Easy Outdoors Cooking

Raspberry stem tea easy outdoors cooking recipe. So you want to know, how to make raspberry stem tea? Then you are in the right place.

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Raspberry stem tea is a great outdoors tea which is really good for your health. It also tastes good. And knowing raspberry stem tea recipe or, even better, how to make raspberry stem tea, can boost your surviving skills in the wilderness.

The best time for making raspberry stem tea is in the winter, but you can make it all year round. To prepare raspberry stem tea, just choose healthy looking stems. Thats all to it.

Then take two table spoons of minced stems for a half litre of water. Pour boiling water over the stems and let them sit for half and hour. Raspberry stem tea helps to relieve pain.

The berry of raspberry offers vitamins A, B1, B2, calcium, phosphorus, and iron, in addition to fruit sugar, citric and malic acids, pectin, coloring matter, and water. The leaf and stems are high in citrate, iron and some tannins.

But did you that know raspberry stem tea is not actually a tea, because it is not made of real tea. So it is better to call it raspberry stem tea drink or raspberry tea drink. And keep in mind that it is not wise to consume raspberry stem tea too often for a longer period of time.

For other wild teas for survival and trips and tricks on how to survive in the wilderness or learning new surviving skills, check out our channel Easy Outdoors.

Sind huvitab, kuidas teha vaarikavarre teed? See on imelihtne. Sul on ainult vaja mõned vaarikavarred ja kuuma vett. Ning aega. Vaarikavarre tee valmistamiseks võetakse 2 spl ürdi kohta 1,5 kl keeva vett ja lastakse 15-30 minutit soojas (eriti hästi sobib selleks puupliit) tõmmata.

Vaarikavarretee tuntud ravim külmetushaiguste vastu. Lisaks soovitatakse vaarikavarreteed ka reuma-, pea-, kõhu- ja liigesevalu vastu. Samuti kehvveresuse, köha, menstruatsioonivaevuste kõhulahtisuse ning väsimuse ja seedehäirete korral. Vaarikavartes on palju C-vitamiini, mis tugevdab immuunsüsteemi. Lisaks sisaldavad vaarikavarred parkaineid mis leevendavad kõhulahtisust.

Kuna vaarikat kasutatakse rahvameditsiinis erinevate vaevuste leevendamiseks, siis kindlasti pole mõistlik sellest valmistatud asju tarbida üle retseptis lubatud normi ning väga pikka aega järjest. Kuid see annab sulle juurde ühe võimaluse, kuidas looduses ellu jääda.

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